BL Lashes Gel Remover Plus (30g)
BL Lashes Gel Remover Plus (30g)

BL Lashes Gel Remover Plus (30g)

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BL Gel Remover Plus 30g

  • Safe and controllable way to remove unwanted lash extensions
  • Suitable for removing partial extensions before the fill-in
  • Acetone-Free
  • Tube type, 30g

BL Gel Removers

BL Gel remover is a safe way to remove unwanted lash extensions. The formula is highly controllable and makes the removal of partial extensions a lot easier.

Once this thick gel has been applied, the remover breaks down adhesive bonds and lash extensions slip off gently, leaving natural lashes unstressed. The gentle nature of this technique is greatly appreciated by clients. Shake well before use.


Our extension lash removers are for trained and licensed professionals only. Please only purchase if you have had the proper training in the technique to apply eyelash extensions. Under no circumstance is the remover to be used on yourself.