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Westlash 6D Pro Short Stem are the newest technology to hit the lash industry. These premades are your perfect solution for clients with minimal natural lashes or clients who simply want that extra volume look. Each fan has 6 individual lashes that have been tightly formed at the base with precision to create an ultra thin & short pointed stem.. they're your Holy Grail that can create mega volume on any and every customer!  

Tray Removal

Our 6D lashes require a different tray removal. Our 6D lashes are stuck middle placement on the adhesion strip. To remove grab the tip of the stem and peel forward. Now place the stem on the adhesion strip. Now grab the fan and peel backwards towards you.

Applying Adhesive

Coat a thin layer from the top of the stem to the bottom of the stem ensuring adhesive cover both sides of the stem for sufficient adhesion and optimum retention. Our 6D lashes have longer retention than other lashes and are also very easy to strip peel off. 

Lash Application

Stick the extension to the underneath of the natural lash. Our 6d Pro Short Stem creates a stronger bond to the underneath of the natural vs the top. 


12 rows per tray.

Made from high quality Korean PBT Fibre.

Heat bonded.

Vegan & Cruelty Free.



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