0.05 D Lashes (16 lines)

0.05 D Lashes (16 lines)

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These lashes allow you to build fans with any technique FROM 6D-10D. Due to their lighter weight, you are able to apply more lashes in each fan and deliver an even more black and dense finish. Great for Russian Volume beginners and doesn't require as much skill as 0.03mm lashes. Great for an advancing lash artist who is ready to step to a thinner diameter lash size. 

Special Features

Our volume lash trays feature a silver sticker card backing that leaves no residue behind on your lash pallet! As well as advanced labelling on every strip that includes the mm, curl and diameter!


Matte Finish.

16 lash strips, 25% more than industry standard lash tray.

Made from high quality Korean PBT Fibre.

100% Cruelty free using PBT material designed to imitate the real thing.