What exclusive benefits are there as a brand ambassador?

Receive 15% OFF every every purchase! 

Receive a unique 10% OFF discount code to promote to your following.

Your business will be featured on our social media channels and even on our website. Fellow lash artists will see the quality of your work which will help to build your social media presence and reputation within the lash industry.

What do I need to do to become a brand ambassador?

We welcome lash artists that love our products as much as we do! We're looking for professionals who are highly active on social media, whom have a positive and respected presence in the lash industry. Your passion should reflect on your work, attitude, both online and in person. Be active! Show off your work, and engagement with your clients and other lash techs on social media. Interact with us on Instagram with @westlash

We require that you are a professional and have a valid ABN.

We require a minimum business instagram presence of at least 1000+ followers.

State in your instagram bio that you're a '@westlash brand ambassador' + your unique 10% OFF discount code. 

You must post a minimum of 3 photos per week promoting westlash. Use #westlash on your posts and tag @westlash


Please contact us stating that you would like to become a brand ambassador, list any lash certifications you have, tag your instagram business handle and list your ABN. We'll will be in touch soon!